United States Junior Golf Tour

Welcome to the United States Junior Golf Tour. In operation since September, 2001, the USJGT offers competitive golf events for juniors ages 8-18 at affordable prices. 2020-21 is our 20th year of operation.

Great Junior Golf Since 2001!


6 mos ago
The USJGT will return to action in September with an event at Audubon in Memphis. Registration is now open!
10 mos ago
Due to changing suggestions from local and national health officials, the USJGT event at Quail Ridge has been postponed until April 25-26. For those who are registered, please check your email for details.
Five USJGT Alums on the PGA Tour
2 yrs ago
Five USJGT alums are playing on the PGA Tour this season - Scott Stallings, Peter Malnati, Austin Cook, Jonathan Randolph, Smylie Kaufman.
USJGT Alums on the LPGA and Symetra Tours
2 yrs ago
One USJGT alum will play this year on the LPGA Tour - Emma Talley. Congratulations, Emma! Three USJGT alums played this past season on the Symetra Tour - Jordan Britt, Allie Knight, Summar Roachell.
Latest Results
USJGT at Audubon
September 12-13
Boys High School
Cunningham. K (+1)
Veazey. R (+2)
McCommon. J (+2)
Girls High School
Bridge. A (+3)
McDonald. E (+20)
Barber. H (+20)
Boys Junior High
McNamee. M (+22)
Farnsworth. H (+23)
Boys Rising Stars
Knighton. A (+19)
Bridge. J (+68)
Girls Rising Stars
Lin. J (+9)
Knighton. E (+25)
Boys Future Stars
Buakhum. R (+9)
Buakhum. R (+11)
Lin. S (+13)
USJGT at Audubon
September 14-15
Boys High School
Zimmer. J (-9)
Ray. E (+1)
Olsen. T (+7)
Girls High School
Christopher. S (+8)
Griffith. A (+31)
Boys Rising Stars
Farnsworth. H (+8)
Moore. B (+13)
McNamee. M (+32)
Girls Rising Stars
Walker. M (+48)
Boys Future Stars
Perkins. W (-1)
Moore. J (+16)
Muscari III. F (+16)
USJGT Bubba Conlee Qualifier
June 18-19
Boys High School
Olsen. T (+3)
Johnson. N (+5)
Parmenter. E (+6)
Girls High School
Mayhew. R (+12)
Tsai. K (+16)
Cress. E (+22)
Current Rankings
United States Junior Golf Tour
2020-2021 Season
As of 9/13/2020 6:45:58 PM
Boys 15-18
1 - Hudson. A
Boys High School
1 - Cunningham. K
T2 - McCommon. J
T2 - Veazey. R
T4 - Bibb. A
T4 - Sienkiewicz. L
Boys Junior High
1 - McNamee. M
2 - Farnsworth. H
T3 - Wamble. E
T3 - Pardue. C
T3 - Clarke. J
Boys Rising Stars
1 - Knighton. A
2 - Bridge. J
T3 - Wamble. E
T3 - Farnsworth. H
T3 - Pardue. C
Boys Future Stars
1 - Buakhum. R
2 - Buakhum. R
3 - Lin. S
T4 - Townsend. E
T4 - Farnsworth. H
Girls High School
1 - Bridge. A
T2 - Griffith. A
T2 - McDonald. E
T2 - Barber. H
5 - Hollingsworth. C
Girls Middle
T1 - Barber. H
T1 - Hollingsworth. C
T1 - McDonald. E
Girls Rising Stars
1 - Lin. J
2 - Knighton. E