United States Junior Golf Tour

Welcome to the United States Junior Golf Tour. In operation since September, 2001, the USJGT offers competitive golf events for juniors ages 8-18 at affordable prices. 2020-21 is our 20th year of operation.

Great Junior Golf Since 2001!


4 mos ago
The USJGT will return to action in September with an event at Audubon in Memphis. Registration is now open!
9 mos ago
Due to changing suggestions from local and national health officials, the USJGT event at Quail Ridge has been postponed until April 25-26. For those who are registered, please check your email for details.
Five USJGT Alums on the PGA Tour
2 yrs ago
Five USJGT alums are playing on the PGA Tour this season - Scott Stallings, Peter Malnati, Austin Cook, Jonathan Randolph, Smylie Kaufman.
USJGT Alums on the LPGA and Symetra Tours
2 yrs ago
One USJGT alum will play this year on the LPGA Tour - Emma Talley. Congratulations, Emma! Three USJGT alums played this past season on the Symetra Tour - Jordan Britt, Allie Knight, Summar Roachell.
Latest Results
USJGT at Audubon
September 12-13
Boys High School
Cunningham. K (+1)
Veazey. R (+2)
McCommon. J (+2)
Girls High School
Bridge. A (+3)
McDonald. E (+20)
Barber. H (+20)
Boys Junior High
McNamee. M (+22)
Farnsworth. H (+23)
Boys Rising Stars
Knighton. A (+19)
Bridge. J (+68)
Girls Rising Stars
Lin. J (+9)
Knighton. E (+25)
Boys Future Stars
Buakhum. R (+9)
Buakhum. R (+11)
Lin. S (+13)
USJGT at Audubon
September 14-15
Boys High School
Zimmer. J (-9)
Ray. E (+1)
Olsen. T (+7)
Girls High School
Christopher. S (+8)
Griffith. A (+31)
Boys Rising Stars
Farnsworth. H (+8)
Moore. B (+13)
McNamee. M (+32)
Girls Rising Stars
Walker. M (+48)
Boys Future Stars
Perkins. W (-1)
Moore. J (+16)
Muscari III. F (+16)
USJGT Bubba Conlee Qualifier
June 18-19
Boys High School
Olsen. T (+3)
Johnson. N (+5)
Parmenter. E (+6)
Girls High School
Mayhew. R (+12)
Tsai. K (+16)
Cress. E (+22)
Current Rankings
United States Junior Golf Tour
2020-2021 Season
As of 9/13/2020 6:45:58 PM
Boys 15-18
1 - Hudson. A
Boys High School
1 - Cunningham. K
T2 - McCommon. J
T2 - Veazey. R
T4 - Bibb. A
T4 - Sienkiewicz. L
Boys Junior High
1 - McNamee. M
2 - Farnsworth. H
T3 - Wamble. E
T3 - Pardue. C
T3 - Clarke. J
Boys Rising Stars
1 - Knighton. A
2 - Bridge. J
T3 - Wamble. E
T3 - Farnsworth. H
T3 - Pardue. C
Boys Future Stars
1 - Buakhum. R
2 - Buakhum. R
3 - Lin. S
T4 - Townsend. E
T4 - Farnsworth. H
Girls High School
1 - Bridge. A
T2 - Griffith. A
T2 - McDonald. E
T2 - Barber. H
5 - Hollingsworth. C
Girls Middle
T1 - Barber. H
T1 - Hollingsworth. C
T1 - McDonald. E
Girls Rising Stars
1 - Lin. J
2 - Knighton. E